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Hello everyone and welcome to the website for Clan Campbell Society of North America Region 9.

Edwin Caudle-Bomgardner is our Regional Commissioner. Monty Waggoner, Gary Bladen, and Chad Campbell are our Deputy Regional Commissioners. Jenson Robinson is our Colorado Deputy State Commissioner. Nathan William Campbell is our Utah Deputy State Commissioner. All of us would love to hear from our Region 9 Campbells.

Festival Dates

For information on local gatherings, select the web site links below.

Colorado Tartan Day

Colorado Tartan Day

Saturday & Sunday
April 8 - 9, 2017

Pikes Peak Celtic Festival

Pikes Peak Celtic Festival

Friday, Saturday, & Sunday
June 17 - 19, 2017

Pikes Peak
Elizabeth Celtic Festival

Elizabeth Celtic Festival

Saturday & Sunday
July 15 - 16, 2017

Long's Peak Scottish-Irish Highland Festival

Longs Peak Scottish-Irish Highland Festival

Thursday, Friday, Saturday, & Sunday
September 7 - 10, 2017

Long's Peak

Campbell Facts to Know

The origins of the male line ancestors of the Campbells are Celtic, likely from the Britonic Celts based upon Alcluit, later known as Dun Bretan and now spelt Dumbarton, on the Clyde. The name Campbell comes from the Gaelic "Caim beul" (pronounced cam bel as in cam shaft), meaning curved mouth. The homeland of the Campbells since the twelve hundreds has been Argyll.

From the 13th century onwards the Campbell Lordship in Argyll was on freshwater Loch Awe, sometimes written Lochawe, (pronounced Loch AWE, as in awesome). The early followers of the Campbell ancestors on Lochawe were the kin of their maternal ancestor Eva, heiress of the O' Duibhne (pronounced oh-DOON-yea). In Gaelic the collective name for the Campbell kin was not Clan Campbell but O' Duibhne. The early Campbell chiefs became the knights of Lochawe. The castle of the early Chiefs was at Innis Chonnel (pronounced Insh CONul) in an island in Lochawe.


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